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Northeast Ar & Southeast M0 E-Waste Collection

Technology is an ever-growing part of today’s world. When it’s time to upgrade and get rid of the old, E-WastE-Pro can collect and recycle all of your old and outdated electronics. We collect and recycle electronics for free in the Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri area. We collect from both residential and commercial clients. We also offer free collection bins for electronics for one-time use or all the time. Explore more about our services below.
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E-Waste Collection

E-WastE-Pro offers free electronic waste collection and recycling services for your home or business. Learn more!

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Your Security

At E-WastE-Pro, your security is our top priority. Learn more about how we safely recycle your electronic waste with your privacy guaranteed.

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Areas We Service

E-WastE-Pro services Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas. View our service area!

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Why should You Recycle?

For your own security and for the protection of the environment, it is important to safely recycle unwanted electronics instead of just throwing them away. At E-WastE-Pro, we clear all personal information from electronics, sell the salvageable parts, and safely dispose of the rest. For your convenience, we will pick up unwanted items from your home or business and recycle them, all at no cost to you! Call us today to schedule your pick-up time.

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